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How to sell a VPO property in Mallorca



Wie verkauft man eine VPO Immobilie auf Mallorca

How to sell a VPO property in Mallorca


Selling a property is a significant step, especially if it is a VPO (Vivienda de Protección Oficial) on the beautiful island of Mallorca. This type of property is sought after not only because of its attractive location, but also because of the special regulations that apply to it. In this article you will learn everything you need to know to successfully sell your VPO property in Mallorca.

Understanding the VPO regulations

What is a VPO property?

VPO properties are state-subsidized apartments that are offered at a reduced price to make housing affordable for lower-income groups. These properties are subject to certain sales restrictions.

The importance of VPO status

Dequalification of a VPO property

In order to sell a VPO property, it may need to be de-qualified first. This means that it will be removed from the state subsidy program. The documents required for this include the application form, the national identity document (DNI) and the registered title[1].

Preparation of the sale

Choosing a real estate agent

Choosing an experienced real estate agent is crucial to facilitate the sales process and get the best price[6].

Necessary documents

Land register excerpt and cadastre

A current extract from the land register and cadastral information are essential to clarify the legal status of the property[2].

Viability certificate and energy performance certificate

These documents are necessary to prove the suitability for habitation and energy efficiency of the property[2].

Nota Simple

The Nota Simple is an important document in the Spanish real estate transfer process and provides information about any encumbrances or mortgages on the property[4].

The sales process

Determination of the price

The price should be realistic and in line with current market conditions. Your real estate agent can provide valuable support here.

Marketing the property

An effective marketing strategy is crucial to attract potential buyers. This can include online listings, traditional advertising and open house events.

Negotiations and closing the sale

As soon as a buyer is found, negotiations begin. Your broker can guide you through this process to ensure you get the best deal.

After the sale

Taxes and fees

After the sale of the property, certain taxes and fees must be paid. It is important to be aware of these costs in order to avoid unexpected expenses[3].

Handover of the property

Handing over the property to the buyer is the final step. Make sure that all agreed conditions are met before you hand over the keys.


Selling a VPO property in Mallorca requires careful planning and understanding of the specific regulations. However, with the right preparation, the necessary documents and the support of an experienced real estate agent, this process can run smoothly and successfully. Remember to fulfill all legal requirements and be aware of the financial aspects of the sale. With these tips, you are well positioned to successfully sell your VPO property in Mallorca.

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“The ultimate Mallorca real estate guide: Discover the attractive real estate market in Pollença!”




Pollensa Mallorca

The Golden Paradise: The real estate market in Pollença

Welcome to a picturesque corner of the island of Mallorca, where every day brings new adventures and opportunities. Pollença not only offers an enchanting ambience, but also a variety of properties ranging from rustic farmhouses to luxurious villas.

Presentation of Pollença

With its narrow, winding streets and beautiful, sun-kissed stone buildings, Pollença exudes an incomparable old-fashioned charm. This village in Mallorca has a rich history that dates back to Roman times and can be clearly felt in every corner of the village. The surrounding landscape consists of breathtaking mountains, fertile valleys and fantastic beaches, making this paradise a perfect place to live and invest.

Real estate in Pollença

The real estate market in Pollença is both diverse and dynamic. From traditional townhouses and rustic fincas to modern apartments and luxurious villas – in Pollença you will find all kinds of properties.

Property prices in Pollença vary depending on the location, type and features of the property. On average, however, you can expect prices to range from around €500,000 for a townhouse in the heart of the village to several million euros for a high-end villa with sea views.

Prospects of the real estate market in Pollença

The real estate market in Pollença is facing a very positive future. The demand for real estate in this area remains consistently high, which is due to the high quality of life, the pleasant climate and the beautiful surroundings.

In addition, Pollença is becoming increasingly popular among wealthy buyers looking for a vacation home or second property. This is due to Pollença’s favorable location, rich history and culture as well as the existing infrastructure for luxury real estate.

In summary, the real estate market in Pollença remains a worthwhile investment destination thanks to its numerous advantages. Whether you are looking for a property to live in, rent out or as a long-term investment, Pollença offers a wealth of opportunities that will pique your interest. Whether you prefer to explore the historic streets, admire the breathtaking landscapes or enjoy the island’s culinary delights, Pollença has something for everyone. So now is the right time to get into the real estate market in this beautiful area!

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Real Estate

How do I increase the sales value of my property in Mallorca?




Wie steigere ich den Verkaufswert meiner Immobilie auf Mallorca

How do I increase the sales value of my property in Mallorca?


Mallorca, an island full of charm and beauty, is a sought-after place for real estate investment. The dream of owning a piece of this paradise attracts many, but what if you are already an owner and want to increase the value of your property? In this article, we will take an in-depth look at how you can maximize the sales value of your property in Mallorca.

H2: Understanding the market

H3: The importance of market research

Before investing in renovations or marketing strategies, it is crucial to understand the local real estate market. The value of a property in Mallorca depends heavily on the current market situation[3]. Thorough market research will help you to set a realistic sales price[6].

H3: Competitive analysis

Analyze similar properties that are for sale. This will give you an idea of how to position your property and what aspects you should emphasize to stand out from the competition.

H2: Increase in value through renovation

H3: Focus on popular features

Renovations can significantly increase the value of your property. Focus on design trends and features that are particularly popular with buyers in Mallorca[2]. These include modern kitchens, high-quality bathrooms, outdoor areas such as terraces or pools and environmentally friendly technologies.

H3: Regular maintenance

A well-maintained property is more attractive to buyers. Regular maintenance and minor repairs are crucial to maintaining and increasing the value of your property[1].

H2: Effective marketing

H3: Professional presentation

A professional presentation of your property is essential. High-quality photos and possibly a virtual tour can arouse the interest of potential buyers.

H3: Target group-oriented marketing

Understand your target group and align your marketing strategies accordingly. A customized approach can make all the difference.

H2: Pricing and negotiation

H3: Realistic pricing

The right price is crucial. Set a realistic price that reflects the current market value[5].

H3: Flexibility in negotiations

Be open to negotiations. A flexible approach can lead to a quicker sale and still achieve a reasonable price.

H2: Legal and financial aspects

H3: Knowledge of legal requirements

Make sure that all legal aspects of your property are in order. This includes proof of ownership, building permits and other relevant documents.

H3: Financial considerations

Consider all financial aspects, including taxes and fees that may be incurred when selling your property.


Increasing the sales value of a property in Mallorca requires a combination of market understanding, targeted renovations, effective marketing, realistic pricing and a deep understanding of the legal and financial framework. By implementing these strategies, you can not only maximize the value of your property, but also ensure a faster and more efficient sales process.

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New construction boom in Mallorca, why?

The stunning island of Mallorca, known for its golden beaches, deep blue seas and rich history, experience…




Neubau Mallorca

New construction boom in real estate in Mallorca: the future of island architecture

The stunning island of Mallorca, known for its golden beaches, deep blue seas and rich history, is currently undergoing an exciting transformation in its real estate landscape. A boom in new construction has begun, and it shows us a fascinating combination of modernity and tradition.

Modernity meets tradition

The architecture of tomorrow

New construction projects in Mallorca reflect a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and traditional elements. The island’s architects have known how to integrate Mallorca’s historical essence into modern buildings that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Environmentally friendly initiatives

One notable feature of the new construction boom is the increased focus on sustainability. Many new buildings are equipped with environmentally friendly technologies, from solar panels to rainwater collection systems that reduce the island’s ecological footprint.

Investing in the future

A safe investment

With the increasing demand for real estate in Mallorca and the continuous growth of the real estate market, an investment in new construction real estate represents a safe and profitable opportunity.

Pure quality of life

Owning a new home in Mallorca means not only investing in a property, but also in a lifestyle. The island offers everything from world-class restaurants to beautiful hiking trails and lively cultural festivals.

Why now is the perfect time

With an increasing number of people discovering the charms of Mallorca and a thriving economy driven by tourism and commerce, now is the ideal time to get in on the island’s new construction boom.

Be part of this exciting chapter in the history of Mallorca. Whether you’re looking for a new home or want to invest in the real estate world of Mallorca, now is the time to act and explore the many opportunities this new construction boom has to offer.

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