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The 5 best restaurants in the southeast of Mallorc

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Are you looking for a restaurant in Mallorca where you can eat delicious food? Your hotel is located in the southeast of the island? But you also want something authentic?

“5 Restaurants Tips in the Southeast of the Island”.

  • El Cruce Restaurant. It doesn’t get more authentic and Mallorcan than this! Not for fussy people or who like to eat in silence without much noise.
  • Restaurant Sa Llotja. A true dream right on the harbor in Portocolom, it doesn’t get more romantic than this!
  • Maxime Restaurant. Directly at the golf course Vall d’Or with a delicious daily menu and also in the evening with a mixed menu.
  • XinoXano Restaurant. A great restaurant in the heart of Felanitx!
  • Botavara Restaurant. Top quality directly at the port of Cala d’Or!

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The 3 best cafes in MALLORCA



Die besten Cafeterias auf Mallorca

You love coffee, nice ambience and traditional or modern variety?
Then we have a few absolutely worth mentioning tips for a nice trip and a good start to the day!

Cafeteria Can Colon

Café número uno(1) is the Café Colon in Llucmajor. It is located right in the center of the pretty old town by the market and serves typical Mallorcan treats, breakfast, lunch and of course coffee. This café convinces with charm and tradition at the same time. It is cozy and exudes Parisian flair. On Fridays there is a weekly market and you can combine it perfectly with a visit to Café Colon. They offer everything from espresso to latte macchiato, and you can get oatmeal (Avena) or soy drink instead of regular milk, as is the case with cappuccino. The coffee is not too strongly roasted and falls rather on mild to.

Cafeteria Calle Cruz

Café número dos(2) is the Calle Cruz in Campos.
Here, in addition to coffee and cake, vegetarian&vegan lunch is offered. The interior is a mix of art, design and modernity. For browsing and shopping, it’s decidedly handsome and, combined with the quiet, rustic, fairy-tale backyard, a little ‘amusement’ in the middle of Campos at the market and definitely worth a trip. Here, too, the coffee is served not only with cow’s milk, but with oat or soy milk. Also as in the above-mentioned café, the café turns out rather mild.

Cafeteria Can Gelat

Número tres(3) promises pure Mallorca. The Can Gelat invites you to the typical Mallorcan cuisine in Santanyi. Besides coffee and cake, you will enjoy your best lunch here. The atmosphere makes you want to drink wine, beer and tapas of various kinds. Everything fresh and incredibly tasty prepared. There is a lot of activity in front of and behind the counter. A special experience for gourmets and lovers of lively life. Here you enjoy the coffee as in both above-mentioned cafes with different types of milk, but it is served rather stronger so more like the Mallorcans drink their coffee.

Calle Cruz

Cheers and Hasta Luego.

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Wine in Mallorca




Wineries and wine tastings in Mallorca

There are more than 70 wineries in Mallorca. Some even claim that there are almost a hundred. Bizarre, isn’t it, for such a small island? Bizarre, but very welcome. Because an afternoon of wine tasting is always a good idea. I tested five wine tastings for you to help you choose the right one.

Wine Island Mallorca?

Mallorca already has a long history of wine. The oldest winery (Bodegas Ribas) has been making wine for over 300 years. There are not many exports, partly because the bodegas are often small. Production is not so high and therefore less interesting for export. But since I am in Mallorca by car, I export something for myself!

Organization of wine tours in Mallorca

Many of the Mallorcan wineries are located in Binissalem and Pla I Llevant, or they grow their grapes there and process them into wine elsewhere. So you can visit many places for a tour or wine tasting. You can even make all sorts of cool combinations. Riding and drinking wine. Have a picnic and drink wine. Convertible tour and wine drinking.

Wine tasting and tour in Macià Batle

At Macià Batle you realize that the wine tours are a well-oiled machine. The guide knows how to impart a lot of knowledge in a short time, keep a relatively large group together and entertain them. We go through the entire process of winemaking, from fermentation to bottling and aging. Again, we do not enter the vineyard, but you can see it and walk past it from the parking lot.

Macià Batle produces many different types of wine, so there is bound to be something that you like. These wines are also available in supermarkets on the island. They often cost a little more than if you buy them directly from Macià Batle. The labels of the wines of this winery are striking. They don’t seem to match at all, and that’s the idea. Artists are asked to design the labels to give the more exclusive wines their own look.

Wine tasting at Vins Nadal

At Vins Nadal I make my third wine tour in Mallorca, and by now I regret that nowhere you can visit the vineyard. Apparently you can at Vins Nadal, but then you have to book a more detailed tour.

The place of wine tasting is actually tiny. There are a few fermentation tanks, and the wines are in barrels and in bottle in the cellar. So you come here mainly to taste and get a good explanation from the guide. I really learned a lot about Mallorcan wine from her.

Wine tasting at Bodegas José L. Ferrer

For four generations the Ferrer family has been making wine in Mallorca. You can taste these wines in Binissalem in the store and in the tasting room. It’s not necessarily very atmospheric, but it’s fine for a rainy day. You will be given an A4 page explaining the wines and as the waiter pours the wines he will give you more details.

There are standard three or four glass wine tastings, but if you want to try a specific wine, you can. You can also order individual sample glasses.

Vins Can Novell

In the center of Binissalem you will find Vins Can Novell, a traditional bodega that offers Mallorcan wine at unbeatable prices. The rustic store has a very special charm and many residents and restaurants from the area and the whole island buy directly there. There is even the possibility to come with empty bottles and fill the wine directly from small barrels at reasonable prices.

We reserved the wine tasting in advance by phone for a small group of friends. At the tasting we sat comfortably in a circle with the owner of Vins Can Novell and learned interesting facts about them while tasting 7 different wines (from white to naturally sweet dessert wine). After tasting 7 glasses, our shopping list was long.

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