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Best Mallorca Wedding Venues



Best Mallorca Wedding Venues

Organizing the most significant event of your life? Mallorca, the Mediterranean gem, beckons couples worldwide to tie the knot amidst its splendor. Imagine golden sunsets, amber hills, crystalline waters, and pristine beaches as your wedding canvas.

The island, rich in history, showcases a blend of Roman, Moorish, and Spanish architectural wonders, ranging from opulent hotels to age-old castles. These form just a fraction of Mallorca’s wedding venue offerings. Pledge your love amidst such beauty, and it’s bound to be an unforgettable affair for all present.

The prime wedding months in Mallorca span from April to October, peaking in June and September. The island is home to numerous enchanting venues, but we’ve shortlisted the top nine that will leave you spellbound:

Top Mallorca Wedding Spots

  1. Son Togores: As ships sail past and ancient holm oaks stand sentinel, your loved ones gather in anticipation. Son Togores, a short drive from Palma and surrounded by almond, carob, and olive groves, offers a blend of elegance and scenic beauty. Its neo-baroque estate boasts terraces, squares, patios, and gardens, making it a top choice for weddings.
  2. Hotel Ca’s Xorc: Nestled where the Tramuntana mountains meet the sea, this former 18th-century manor offers panoramic views. Amidst lemon and olive groves, it can accommodate up to 100 guests for multi-day celebrations.
  3. L’Avenida: For those seeking a more intimate setting, L’Avenida, an “adults-only” hotel in Soller’s historic heart, provides a mix of classic architecture and contemporary comfort. It’s also a gateway to explore Soller and its surroundings.
  4. Castell Son Claret Hotel: Fulfill your fairytale dreams at this 19th-century castle, complete with 38 rooms, two Michelin-starred restaurants, and a sunlit courtyard. It’s a gastronomic and visual delight.
  5. Castillo Hotel Son Vida: Offering panoramic views of Palma de Mallorca, this expansive venue is renowned for its culinary masterpieces, crafted from local ingredients and paired with Mallorcan wines.
  6. La Fortaleza: This 17th-century fort, made famous by ‘The Night Manager’ and even chosen by tennis icon Rafa Nadal for his wedding, is a luxurious and historic venue.
  7. Son Marroig: Perched on a cliff between Valldemossa and Deia, this venue offers unmatched sunset views. The former residence of the Archduke of Austria, it’s perfect for intimate celebrations.
  8. Son Julia Boutique Hotel: This 15th-century mansion in the island’s south boasts gardens, terraces, pools, and an Arabic-inspired ballroom. It’s a blend of history and luxury.
  9. S’Esglesia Nova: A unique open-air Neogothic church in Son Servera, it offers a distinctive setting for your vows.

Final Words Mallorca offers a plethora of choices for couples. From the aromatic groves of Ca’s Xorc to the dramatic cliffs of Son Marroig, there’s a venue for every dream and budget in Mallorca. With dedicated teams ready to make your day special, your wedding in Mallorca will be a cherished memory for years to come.

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“Discover the most beautiful marinas in Mallorca – The marina of Cala d’Or”




The yacht harbor of Cala d’Or: a luxurious vacation resort with charm

Spain is known for its unique beaches, which are spread all over the country. But among these beaches, one resort stands out in particular – the yacht harbor of Cala d’Or, a magnificent jewel on the southeast coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Introduction to Cala d’Or

Cala d’Or, which translates as “Golden Bay”, is a popular vacation spot known for its picturesque beaches, luxurious boutique hotels and first-class sailing opportunities. The city owes its name to the picturesque bay that forms the center of the city and is known for its golden sandy beaches.

The marina of Cala d’Or

The Cala d’Or marina is one of the highlights of the resort. With over 565 berths, this harbor is one of the largest in Mallorca and a popular port of call for sailors and yacht owners from all over the world. The harbor not only offers first-class facilities, but also an impressive selection of boutiques, bars and restaurants.

Leisure activities

Apart from sailing, Cala d’Or also offers a range of other leisure activities. There are several first-class golf courses nearby, as well as opportunities for tennis, horse riding, hiking and cycling. The area also offers a wealth of scenic beauty, with numerous hiking and cycling trails that take you through the Mallorcan countryside.

Shopping and eating out

Cala d’Or also has a lot to offer away from the water. In the city you will find a variety of boutiques and retail stores selling everything from designer clothes to local handicrafts. And for foodies, Cala d’Or has an impressive selection of high-quality restaurants offering everything from traditional Spanish cuisine to international dishes.


In summary, the marina of Cala d’Or is a first-class vacation spot in Spain, ideal for those seeking luxury and adventure. Whether you like sailing, playing golf or simply relaxing and enjoying the view, Cala d’Or has something for everyone. With its luxurious marina, high-quality facilities and picturesque surroundings, Cala d’Or is the perfect place for your next vacation in Mallorca.

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“The ultimate guide: Why is Magaluf so popular with the Brits in Mallorca?”




Why is Magaluf the favorite vacation destination for Brits on Mallorca?

In this article, we take a deep dive into the vibrant nightlife of Magaluf, a popular destination for young Brits in Mallorca. We analyze why this community in Calvià on the west coast of the island is a magnet for thousands of Brits looking for sun, fun and entertainment.

Exciting nightlife

Magaluf is known for its vibrant nightlife. The lively Punta Ballena Street is the heart of the nightlife, lined with a variety of bars and nightclubs. The vibrant party scene attracts thousands of young Brits every year who come here in search of unforgettable summer nights.

English atmosphere

Although it is located on the Spanish island of Mallorca, Magaluf has a distinctly English atmosphere. Many of the bars, restaurants and stores are geared towards British tourists, so many English people feel at home here. Sport also plays an important role in Magaluf, with numerous places where soccer fans can watch English matches.

Favorable prices

Magaluf is also popular for its relatively low prices. From food and drink to accommodation, costs here are often lower than in other parts of Mallorca or even the UK. This makes Magaluf an attractive option for younger travelers and groups on a budget.

Beautiful beaches

In addition to the nightlife, Magaluf also offers beautiful beaches. The main beach, Platja de Magaluf, is a long strip of white sand that is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. There is also a range of water sports on offer, including jet skiing, parasailing and much more.

Convenient arrival

Magaluf’s proximity to Palma Airport makes it a convenient destination for British travelers. Most flights from the UK land in Palma within two hours, and from there it is only a short drive to the resort.

Varied activities

In addition to the beach and party, Magaluf offers a range of other attractions. From water parks to go-kart tracks and golf courses, there is something for everyone here.


Overall, it is clear to see why Magaluf has become so popular with the English. The combination of lively nightlife, English atmosphere, affordable prices, beautiful beaches, easy access and a variety of activities makes it an attractive destination for young Brits looking for an unforgettable vacation. It is no wonder that Magaluf remains a leading destination for British tourists in Mallorca.

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“The Mallorca Blog: A look behind the scenes of the Ballermann at the Arenal – sun, beach and party”




Arenal Ballermann Strand und Party auf Mallorca

The Ballermann at the Arenal – a paradise for party people on Mallorca

Short description: Mallorca is known for its breathtaking coastline, ancient monuments, delicious food and first-class wines. However, the destination is also famous for the exciting Ballermann at the Arenal. In this article, we will take a closer look at Ballermann Arenal and explain what makes it one of the most popular meeting places in Mallorca.

Understand the Ballermann

Ballermann am Arenal, often referred to simply as “the Ballermann”, is an area on the coast of Palma de Mallorca, famous for its lively party scene. The name “Ballermann” comes from a beach bar known as “Ballermann 6”, which serves as the epicenter of the festivities. Note, however, that the term “Ballermann” now refers to the entire party scene in this area, not just the individual bar.

The nightlife in Ballermann

The main attraction in Ballermann are the numerous clubs and bars that populate the region. Partygoers from all over the world flock to areas such as Bierstraße and Schinkenstraße to dance and party until the early hours of the morning. Many visitors come to the area especially for events such as the famous foam party.

The music in the Ballermann

Ballermann am Arenal is also known for its unique music culture. Many German artists have built their careers in these clubs and bars and the so-called “Ballermann hit” is a familiar term. Ballermann music is characterized by catchy melodies and life-affirming lyrics that are perfectly suited to the exuberant party life.

Activities during the day

While the Ballermann comes to life in the evening, the region offers a wide range of activities during the day. You can spend the day on the beach, sample the local cuisine or pick up a bargain at one of the many markets. For the more adventurous, there are also a variety of water sports to try.


The Ballermann at the Arenal is more than just a place to party. It is a unique cultural hotspot that offers partygoers from all over the world an insight into Mallorcan nightlife. During the day, Ballermann attracts visitors with its beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and a touch of adventure. Whether you are a night owl or just want to enjoy the sun and the sea, Ballermann am Arenal has something for everyone.

Concluding words: The Ballermann at the Arenal embodies the lively, fun-loving culture of Mallorca in all its fullness. It is a place where party people come together to spend unforgettable nights, listen to unforgettable music and experience the incomparable beauty of Mallorca. It is therefore highly recommended that you visit this unique place at least once on your trip to Mallorca.

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