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Best Mallorca Wedding Venues




Best Mallorca Wedding Venues

Organizing the most significant event of your life? Mallorca, the Mediterranean gem, beckons couples worldwide to tie the knot amidst its splendor. Imagine golden sunsets, amber hills, crystalline waters, and pristine beaches as your wedding canvas.

The island, rich in history, showcases a blend of Roman, Moorish, and Spanish architectural wonders, ranging from opulent hotels to age-old castles. These form just a fraction of Mallorca’s wedding venue offerings. Pledge your love amidst such beauty, and it’s bound to be an unforgettable affair for all present.

The prime wedding months in Mallorca span from April to October, peaking in June and September. The island is home to numerous enchanting venues, but we’ve shortlisted the top nine that will leave you spellbound:

Top Mallorca Wedding Spots

  1. Son Togores: As ships sail past and ancient holm oaks stand sentinel, your loved ones gather in anticipation. Son Togores, a short drive from Palma and surrounded by almond, carob, and olive groves, offers a blend of elegance and scenic beauty. Its neo-baroque estate boasts terraces, squares, patios, and gardens, making it a top choice for weddings.
  2. Hotel Ca’s Xorc: Nestled where the Tramuntana mountains meet the sea, this former 18th-century manor offers panoramic views. Amidst lemon and olive groves, it can accommodate up to 100 guests for multi-day celebrations.
  3. L’Avenida: For those seeking a more intimate setting, L’Avenida, an “adults-only” hotel in Soller’s historic heart, provides a mix of classic architecture and contemporary comfort. It’s also a gateway to explore Soller and its surroundings.
  4. Castell Son Claret Hotel: Fulfill your fairytale dreams at this 19th-century castle, complete with 38 rooms, two Michelin-starred restaurants, and a sunlit courtyard. It’s a gastronomic and visual delight.
  5. Castillo Hotel Son Vida: Offering panoramic views of Palma de Mallorca, this expansive venue is renowned for its culinary masterpieces, crafted from local ingredients and paired with Mallorcan wines.
  6. La Fortaleza: This 17th-century fort, made famous by ‘The Night Manager’ and even chosen by tennis icon Rafa Nadal for his wedding, is a luxurious and historic venue.
  7. Son Marroig: Perched on a cliff between Valldemossa and Deia, this venue offers unmatched sunset views. The former residence of the Archduke of Austria, it’s perfect for intimate celebrations.
  8. Son Julia Boutique Hotel: This 15th-century mansion in the island’s south boasts gardens, terraces, pools, and an Arabic-inspired ballroom. It’s a blend of history and luxury.
  9. S’Esglesia Nova: A unique open-air Neogothic church in Son Servera, it offers a distinctive setting for your vows.

Final Words Mallorca offers a plethora of choices for couples. From the aromatic groves of Ca’s Xorc to the dramatic cliffs of Son Marroig, there’s a venue for every dream and budget in Mallorca. With dedicated teams ready to make your day special, your wedding in Mallorca will be a cherished memory for years to come.

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The most romantic restaurants in Mallorca




Romantische Restaurants auf Mallorca

Culinary jewels of Mallorca: from mountain villages to romantic coastal oases

A gastronomic paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

The enchanting island of Mallorca, a jewel in the azure Mediterranean Sea, not only offers a breathtaking backdrop of golden beaches and majestic mountains, but also serves as a picturesque home to a variety of exquisite gastronomic experiences. Here, the search for the “most beautiful restaurant” is like an adventurous journey of discovery through labyrinthine alleys and over the gently rolling hills, which in the sunset seem to be covered with a purple cloak, only to finally end in a hidden gem of cuisine.

Es Racó d’es Teix in Deià: a mix of tradition and modernity

Among the notable gastronomic refuges to experience is “Es Racó d’es Teix” in Deià, an idyllic village nestled in the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana. This Michelin-starred restaurant presents itself as a unique melange of traditional Mallorcan aesthetics and modern comforts. The stone walls and rustic wooden beams set the stage for a grand dining experience. The cuisine is a sensual symphony of local flavors and international influences, composed with a precision reminiscent of the fine-tuning of a classical instrument.

Romantic getaways: Ca’s Xorc, a refuge for the heart and palate

For those who want to please not only the palate but also the heart, a table reservation in one of the “romantic restaurants in Mallorca” is almost mandatory. Ca’s Xorc”, nestled in the picturesque mountains and just a breath away from the breathtaking coastline, offers an oasis of intimacy and luxury. Here, couples can dine under the stars while the gentle splash of an ancient fountain and the soft chirping of crickets create an almost magical atmosphere. The menu is an ode to Mediterranean cuisine, rich in aromatic herbs, fresh seafood and succulent meats so tender they literally melt in your mouth.

Fosh Lab in Palma: A laboratory of culinary innovation

Equally charming, but in a more urban context, is Palma’s “Fosh Lab,” a state-of-the-art eatery that serves as an incubator for innovative culinary concepts. The avant-garde interior, with its clean lines and muted colors, serves as a subtle backdrop for a cuisine that defies the classic and transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Each dish is a work of art, created with an almost scientific precision that nevertheless loses none of its emotional resonance.

A paradise of the senses: Mallorca’s seemingly endless culinary landscape

One could spend countless hours browsing the seemingly endless list of restaurants that Mallorca has to offer. But whether you choose a remote mountain lodge or a chic city palace, the island offers a kaleidoscopic array of options that enrich both the palate and the soul. Here, in search of the most beautiful and romantic, you will find yourself in a true paradise of the senses, immersed in the natural splendor of an island aware of its cultural and culinary riches.

Zaranda: An epic journey through the nuances of Mediterranean cuisine

Continuing this gastronomic odyssey, the discussion of the “most beautiful restaurants in Mallorca” and the “romantic restaurants in Mallorca” could not be complete, of course, without mentioning the coveted “Zaranda”, a crown jewel of the island, perched in the green hills of Es Capdellà. Awarded two Michelin stars, Zaranda manages to put its guests in a state of culinary trance. Each dish is a thoughtful chapter in a narrative saga of flavors, with chef Fernando Pérez Arellano offering guests an epic journey through the nuances of Mediterranean cuisine.

Sa Foradada: A place where nature and cuisine unite

While some of these establishments are hidden in the heights of the mountains, others offer a close proximity to the sea, and here “Sa Foradada” particularly shines. This rustic oasis, accessible only by winding road or boat, makes good on its promise of an unforgettable dinner in the lap of nature. The place enchants with its simple elegance, and the panorama of the sea, which spreads out in front of the guests like a living canvas, adds a touch of infinity to every dish. Whether you opt for a traditional paella or are tempted by the fresh seafood, the culinary experience is inevitably enhanced by the priceless view of the Mediterranean.

La Fortaleza at Cap Rocat Hotel: a refuge of romance and luxury

Of course, it would be a faux pas to discuss the “romantic restaurants in Mallorca” without mentioning the intimate atmosphere of “La Fortaleza” at the Cap Rocat Hotel. Located in a former military fort, this luxurious restaurant combines historic charm with modern sophistication. The cool stone walls and artfully restored vaults offer a romantic ambience that is unique. Every detail, from the candlelight to the handmade tablecloths, is designed to create an atmosphere of intimacy and well-being. The wine list perfectly complements the menu and includes a variety of vintage wines that beautifully enhance the diverse flavors of the cuisine.

The versatility of Mallorca: from rustic beach cafes to opulent gourmet temples

However, the wonderful thing about Mallorca is not only the exceptional quality of the restaurants, but also the incredible variety. From the rustic simplicity of a beach café to the opulent luxury of a gourmet temple, the island has the right culinary experience for every taste and mood. This makes every meal a loving tribute to the rich culture and natural beauty of this unique Mediterranean pearl.

Conclusion: Mallorca as a culinary and sensory paradise

To sum up, Mallorca is much more than a vacation destination; it is a culinary paradise, a sensory canvas where the most complex flavors and textures unfold in the most beautiful and romantic settings. Whether you prefer the dreamy tranquility of the mountains or the vibrant energy of the coast, you can always find a restaurant on this island to enliven the senses and uplift the spirit. And all this is embedded in the incomparable beauty of a landscape that is as diverse as it is breathtaking.

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The best hotels in Cala d’Or




Cala d'Or Hotels

Cala d’Or, the place to be…

Cala d’Or is without question one of the most popular places in Mallorca. An oasis in the southeast of Mallorca in Ibiza style, with white houses, Turquoise light blue water on each beach and a generous selection of hotels, restaurants and clubs. Especially the nightlife has always been very famous in the region and outstanding is also the marina for boat lovers

Due to all these factors, Cala d’Or is very popular with tourists, whether they are young people with a desire to party, or families who want to have something from everyone…. But if you want to plan a nice vacation, you need to consider many points. Choose the destination (Mallorca of course), the region (Cala d’Or), which beaches to visit (Cala Petita, Cala Gran, Cala Esmeralda..), where to go out to eat and which cocktail bar is good? All these are important points, but the most important one is; which hotel should we book?

The best hotels in Cala d’Or

Inturotel Cala Esmeralda

Top choice if you are looking for an ideal couples vacation in Mallorca. Relaxation, a pleasant ambience and extra class service make Inturotel Cala Esmeralda a small paradise, right on the beach with turquoise sea.

Activities and equipment include sauna, SPA, fitness, massage showers and reservable treatments such as massages and much more. Moreover, the hotel has its own beach club, which completes the whole offer, and are perfect for “sundowner” lovers.

Carrer de Cala Esmeralda, s/n, 07660 Cala D’or, Illes Balears


Melía Cala d’Or: Pure relaxation in Mallorca…

A top class hotel with unique service that invites you to feel good… The hotel has a huge garden and two restaurants to choose from, where you can be completely pampered. Live music is also available here.

Extras include a SPA area, fitness room and indoor pool/swimming pool. The nearest beach is about 15min walk away.

Carrer de Portinatx, 16, 18, 07660 Mallorca, Illes Balears


AluaSoul Mallorca Resort

A modern hotel with all the extras, in a top location directly on the bay of Cala Egos, south of the center of Cala d’Or (but only from 18 years). A huge pool area and many leisure activities such as aquagym, circuit training or archery are waiting for you.

Av. de Cala Egos, s/n, 07660 Cala D’or, Illes Balears


Tui Blue Rocador: Adult-only and Sport

This hotel is for guests over 16 years old, which creates a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for couples. The hotel is located above Cala Gran and you can enjoy the crystal clear and cool water just a few meters in front of the hotel.

Fitness, restaurant with Spanish and also international cuisine and a complete sports program are the extras of this hotel. There is also a bicycle rental service here.

Apart from the Cala Gran beach, you also have right next to it the beautiful and somewhat quieter Cala Petita beach (the so-called little brother).

Carrer Marquès de Comillas, 3, 07660 Cala D’or, Illes Balears


Prinsotel Alba

Top price-quality ratio for families and a good choice of apartments.

Barcelo Aguamarina

A four star hotel in Cala Ferrera, with a breathtaking sea view, and very close to the Golf Club Vall d’Or.


There are many more hotels in Cala d’Or, and there is also a good selection in the surrounding area such as Porto Petro. If you are looking for a very high luxury vacation, we recommend the newly opened Ikos Resorts in Porto Petro.

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