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“Revealed: The secret ensaimada recipe of the best Mallorca blogs!”



Discover the secret ensaimada recipe of Mallorca!

Do you love the delicious, juicy and sweet ensaimada that can be found in every corner of Mallorca? Then this blog is just right for you. Here we share with you the well-kept secret of the traditional Mallorcan ensaimada recipe, which you can recreate in your own kitchen. Let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the point.

A brief overview of the ensaimada

Before we get straight to the recipe, it is necessary to learn a little more about the delicious ensaimada. The ensaimada is a traditional Mallorcan yeast dough that is formed into a spiral and then baked. After baking, they are often sprinkled with powdered sugar and sometimes served with fillings such as cream, chocolate or even pumpkin. It is an integral part of the Mallorcan breakfast and is often served as a dessert.

The secret ensaimada recipe

You will need the following ingredients for the dough:

– 500 gram flour
– 150 grams sugar
– 25 grams fresh yeast
– 150 milliliters of water
– 6 eggs
– 75 milliliters olive oil
– A pinch of salt

For the filling you will need:

– 200 grams of lard
– Powdered sugar for sprinkling

Follow the instructions below to bake the perfect Mallorcan ensaimada:

1. mix the flour and sugar in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, dissolve the yeast in warm water and add this mixture to the flour mixture.
2. add the eggs, olive oil and salt and knead the dough thoroughly until it becomes smooth and elastic. Then leave the dough to rise in a warm place for about 2 hours.
3 Roll out the dough thinly on a floured surface and spread the lard evenly over the entire surface.
4 Roll up the dough and form a spiral. Leave the ensaimada to rise on a baking tray for another hour or so.
5 Bake the ensaimada at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes until golden brown.
6 After cooling, sprinkle the ensaimada generously with powdered sugar.

Tips and tricks for the perfect ensaimada

Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare the perfect ensaimada:

– Make sure that all ingredients are at room temperature before you use them.
– Allow the yeast dough to rest and rise sufficiently. This makes the ensaimada really airy and soft.
– Try using different fillings, such as chocolate, pumpkin or cream.

Final thoughts

The ensaimada recipe is a time-consuming process, but the result is definitely worth it. Invite your friends and family to taste this exquisite Mallorcan sweet and be amazed by its flavor. Now that you know the secret of the traditional recipe, you can bake your own ensaimadas and bring a touch of Mallorca into your home.

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The ultimate guide to Mallorca in January: discover the true beauty of the island even in winter




Mallorca, an island full of charm and beauty, turns into a true paradise for travelers looking for authenticity in January. While many people think that the island only reveals its full splendor in the summer months, Mallorca reveals a completely different but equally fascinating side in January.

Why Mallorca is the perfect destination in January

Affordable travel time with charm

January is known for its cheap travel offers. After the festive season, prices for flights and accommodation fall, making Mallorca an attractive destination for price-conscious travelers. This time of year offers a unique opportunity to explore the island without the hustle and bustle of the high season.

Unique festivals and culture

Mallorca in January is rich in culture and tradition. The festivals of San Antonio and San Sebastian are highlights in the island’s social calendar. Experience how the locals celebrate these special days with fires, parades and music. These festivals offer a deep insight into Mallorcan culture and way of life.

Pleasant climate

Despite its position in the Mediterranean, Mallorca maintains a mild climate in January. With temperatures rarely dropping below 12°C, the island offers a pleasant escape from the cold winter in many parts of Europe. The days are mostly sunny, ideal for walks on the beach or exploring the picturesque villages.

Shopping paradise and culinary delights

Winter sales in Palma

Palma is a true paradise for shopping enthusiasts in January. The winter sales begin immediately after the New Year and offer excellent deals in the numerous boutiques and shopping centers. Discover the latest trends in the famous shopping streets such as Calle Sant Miquel or in the Mallorca Fashion Outlet.

Markets and local delicacies

The markets on Mallorca are a feast for the senses. Visit the famous market in Sineu or the lively market in Alcudia to enjoy fresh local produce and traditional Mallorcan specialties. A visit to these markets is an excellent opportunity to experience the local culture up close and to find unique souvenirs.

Relaxation and nature

Quiet beaches and picturesque landscapes

In January, Mallorca’s beaches are peaceful and offer an oasis of calm. It is the perfect time to enjoy the natural beauty of the island. The quiet beaches invite you to take long walks, while the gentle sound of the sea provides relaxation.

Hiking and cycling

For active vacationers, Mallorca offers ideal conditions for hiking and cycling in January. The mild temperatures are perfect for exploring the island’s diverse landscape. Discover hidden paths, breathtaking mountain landscapes and enjoy the fresh, clear air.

Conclusion: Mallorca in January – an unforgettable experience

Mallorca in January is more than just a destination; it is a journey of discovery into a world full of culture, nature and relaxation. The island offers a unique blend of traditional festivals, a pleasant climate, excellent shopping opportunities and the tranquillity of nature. It is the perfect time to experience Mallorca in its authentic splendor, far away from the hustle and bustle of the high season.

Discover this hidden treasure in the Mediterranean and experience an unforgettable start to the new year on Mallorca!

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Celebrities on Mallorca: a paradise for the stars




Celebrities on Mallorca: a paradise for the stars

Mallorca, an island that not only impresses with its breathtaking beaches, crystal-clear waters and picturesque landscapes, but is also known as a hotspot for celebrities from all over the world. In this article, we delve into the world of celebrities who have made Mallorca their sanctuary or even their home.

Why Mallorca?

The magical attraction of the island

A paradise in the sun

Mallorca offers more than just beautiful beaches and sunshine. The island is rich in culture, history and breathtaking nature, ranging from the Serra de Tramuntana to the tranquil bays of Cala d’Or. This diversity makes Mallorca the perfect place for those looking for relaxation, but also for those who want to experience adventure and culture.

Exclusivity and privacy

A retreat for the rich and famous

One of the main reasons why celebrities choose Mallorca is the privacy that the island offers. Away from the paparazzi and the media hype, the stars can lead a normal life here. Many luxury villas and secluded estates offer the perfect retreat.

Who lives on Mallorca?

Hollywood stars and music legends

Celebrities under the sun

From Hollywood actors to international music icons, Mallorca has attracted a wide range of celebrities. Names like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are just some of the stars who have fallen in love with the island. They enjoy the local culture, gastronomy and relaxed way of life.

Sports legends and entrepreneurs

Success stories on the island

Not only in show business, but also in sport and business, there are well-known names who have chosen Mallorca as their home. Famous athletes and successful entrepreneurs appreciate the quality of life that the island offers.

Lifestyle of celebrities on Mallorca

Luxury real estate and yachts

The ultimate sign of wealth and taste

The properties on Mallorca are as diverse and luxurious as the island itself. From modern villas with sea views to traditional fincas in the interior – celebrities are spoiled for choice. In addition, yachts are a common sight in the harbors of Mallorca, which underlines the luxurious lifestyle of the islanders.

Cultural and social events

At the heart of social life

Mallorca is also known for its vibrant social life. From exclusive galas and charity events to art exhibitions – the island offers a wide range of cultural activities that celebrities love to take advantage of.

The future of Mallorca as a celebrity hotspot

Sustainable tourism and celebrities

A balance between glamor and environmental protection

In recent years, Mallorca has increasingly focused on sustainable tourism. This attracts celebrities who are committed to environmental protection and sustainability. The island is constantly evolving to find a balance between preserving its natural beauty and satisfying the needs of its wealthy visitors.

Mallorca in the future

A continuing trend

It seems that Mallorca’s popularity among celebrities is here to stay. With its irresistible combination of beauty, culture and privacy, the island remains a favorite spot for those in the limelight.


Mallorca is more than just a vacation island in the Mediterranean. It is a haven for celebrities seeking peace and privacy without having to sacrifice luxury and culture. From breathtaking real estate to cultural events, Mallorca offers everything your heart desires. The island has successfully established itself as a top destination for the rich and famous and is expected to remain so in the future.

Mallorca is a shining example of how a place can be both a paradise for vacationers and a quiet retreat for those in the spotlight. With its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and commitment to sustainability, Mallorca will continue to be a magnet for celebrities from all over the world.

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“The ultimate Mallorca real estate guide: Discover the attractive real estate market in Pollença!”




Pollensa Mallorca

The Golden Paradise: The real estate market in Pollença

Welcome to a picturesque corner of the island of Mallorca, where every day brings new adventures and opportunities. Pollença not only offers an enchanting ambience, but also a variety of properties ranging from rustic farmhouses to luxurious villas.

Presentation of Pollença

With its narrow, winding streets and beautiful, sun-kissed stone buildings, Pollença exudes an incomparable old-fashioned charm. This village in Mallorca has a rich history that dates back to Roman times and can be clearly felt in every corner of the village. The surrounding landscape consists of breathtaking mountains, fertile valleys and fantastic beaches, making this paradise a perfect place to live and invest.

Real estate in Pollença

The real estate market in Pollença is both diverse and dynamic. From traditional townhouses and rustic fincas to modern apartments and luxurious villas – in Pollença you will find all kinds of properties.

Property prices in Pollença vary depending on the location, type and features of the property. On average, however, you can expect prices to range from around €500,000 for a townhouse in the heart of the village to several million euros for a high-end villa with sea views.

Prospects of the real estate market in Pollença

The real estate market in Pollença is facing a very positive future. The demand for real estate in this area remains consistently high, which is due to the high quality of life, the pleasant climate and the beautiful surroundings.

In addition, Pollença is becoming increasingly popular among wealthy buyers looking for a vacation home or second property. This is due to Pollença’s favorable location, rich history and culture as well as the existing infrastructure for luxury real estate.

In summary, the real estate market in Pollença remains a worthwhile investment destination thanks to its numerous advantages. Whether you are looking for a property to live in, rent out or as a long-term investment, Pollença offers a wealth of opportunities that will pique your interest. Whether you prefer to explore the historic streets, admire the breathtaking landscapes or enjoy the island’s culinary delights, Pollença has something for everyone. So now is the right time to get into the real estate market in this beautiful area!

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