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The 3 best cafes in MALLORCA



Die besten Cafeterias auf Mallorca

You love coffee, nice ambience and traditional or modern variety?
Then we have a few absolutely worth mentioning tips for a nice trip and a good start to the day!

Cafeteria Can Colon

Café número uno(1) is the Café Colon in Llucmajor. It is located right in the center of the pretty old town by the market and serves typical Mallorcan treats, breakfast, lunch and of course coffee. This café convinces with charm and tradition at the same time. It is cozy and exudes Parisian flair. On Fridays there is a weekly market and you can combine it perfectly with a visit to Café Colon. They offer everything from espresso to latte macchiato, and you can get oatmeal (Avena) or soy drink instead of regular milk, as is the case with cappuccino. The coffee is not too strongly roasted and falls rather on mild to.

Cafeteria Calle Cruz

Café número dos(2) is the Calle Cruz in Campos.
Here, in addition to coffee and cake, vegetarian&vegan lunch is offered. The interior is a mix of art, design and modernity. For browsing and shopping, it’s decidedly handsome and, combined with the quiet, rustic, fairy-tale backyard, a little ‘amusement’ in the middle of Campos at the market and definitely worth a trip. Here, too, the coffee is served not only with cow’s milk, but with oat or soy milk. Also as in the above-mentioned café, the café turns out rather mild.

Cafeteria Can Gelat

Número tres(3) promises pure Mallorca. The Can Gelat invites you to the typical Mallorcan cuisine in Santanyi. Besides coffee and cake, you will enjoy your best lunch here. The atmosphere makes you want to drink wine, beer and tapas of various kinds. Everything fresh and incredibly tasty prepared. There is a lot of activity in front of and behind the counter. A special experience for gourmets and lovers of lively life. Here you enjoy the coffee as in both above-mentioned cafes with different types of milk, but it is served rather stronger so more like the Mallorcans drink their coffee.

Calle Cruz

Cheers and Hasta Luego.

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“Revealed: The secret ensaimada recipe of the best Mallorca blogs!”




Discover the secret ensaimada recipe of Mallorca!

Do you love the delicious, juicy and sweet ensaimada that can be found in every corner of Mallorca? Then this blog is just right for you. Here we share with you the well-kept secret of the traditional Mallorcan ensaimada recipe, which you can recreate in your own kitchen. Let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the point.

A brief overview of the ensaimada

Before we get straight to the recipe, it is necessary to learn a little more about the delicious ensaimada. The ensaimada is a traditional Mallorcan yeast dough that is formed into a spiral and then baked. After baking, they are often sprinkled with powdered sugar and sometimes served with fillings such as cream, chocolate or even pumpkin. It is an integral part of the Mallorcan breakfast and is often served as a dessert.

The secret ensaimada recipe

You will need the following ingredients for the dough:

– 500 gram flour
– 150 grams sugar
– 25 grams fresh yeast
– 150 milliliters of water
– 6 eggs
– 75 milliliters olive oil
– A pinch of salt

For the filling you will need:

– 200 grams of lard
– Powdered sugar for sprinkling

Follow the instructions below to bake the perfect Mallorcan ensaimada:

1. mix the flour and sugar in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, dissolve the yeast in warm water and add this mixture to the flour mixture.
2. add the eggs, olive oil and salt and knead the dough thoroughly until it becomes smooth and elastic. Then leave the dough to rise in a warm place for about 2 hours.
3 Roll out the dough thinly on a floured surface and spread the lard evenly over the entire surface.
4 Roll up the dough and form a spiral. Leave the ensaimada to rise on a baking tray for another hour or so.
5 Bake the ensaimada at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes until golden brown.
6 After cooling, sprinkle the ensaimada generously with powdered sugar.

Tips and tricks for the perfect ensaimada

Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare the perfect ensaimada:

– Make sure that all ingredients are at room temperature before you use them.
– Allow the yeast dough to rest and rise sufficiently. This makes the ensaimada really airy and soft.
– Try using different fillings, such as chocolate, pumpkin or cream.

Final thoughts

The ensaimada recipe is a time-consuming process, but the result is definitely worth it. Invite your friends and family to taste this exquisite Mallorcan sweet and be amazed by its flavor. Now that you know the secret of the traditional recipe, you can bake your own ensaimadas and bring a touch of Mallorca into your home.

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“Delicious treat: discover the famous Sa Pobla potatoes – a culinary highlight on Mallorca”




The potatoes from Sa Pobla: a jewel of Mallorca

Mallorca is not only known for its breathtaking beaches and exciting nightlife, but also for its exquisite local produce. The potato from Sa Pobla is a special treat for the palate. In this article, we delve deep into the world of the Sa Pobla potato and explore why it holds such a special place in Mallorca’s culinary scene.

The origins of the Sa Pobla potato

Potato harvesting has a long tradition in Sa Pobla, dating back to the early 20th century. The potatoes from this region are known for their unique taste and high quality and are often considered the best potatoes on the island.

The special quality of the Sa Pobla potato

It is not just the cultivation traditions that make the potatoes from Sa Pobla unique. The special combination of poor soil, rainwater and the Mediterranean sun of Mallorca makes the soil in Sa Pobla particularly rich in nutrients – ideal for growing potatoes. This results in potatoes with a unique taste and firm texture, which are ideal for preparing a wide range of dishes.

The use of the Sa Pobla potato in Mallorcan cuisine

Potatoes from Sa Pobla play a central role in Mallorca’s cuisine. They are the main ingredient in many traditional dishes such as “tumbet”, a stew made from potatoes, eggplants and red peppers, or they are served as a side dish with fish and meat dishes. They are also an essential part of the “Frita Mallorquina”, a typical potato pan with peppers and onions.

The Sa Pobla potato party

The Sa Pobla potato is so highly valued on Mallorca that there is even a festival dedicated to it: the “Festa de la Patata”. This annual event attracts thousands of visitors who can immerse themselves in the world of potato production on Mallorca and discover the many ways in which this versatile tuber can be prepared.

Final thoughts

The potato from Sa Pobla is a star of Mallorcan cuisine and proof of the rich culinary culture of the island of Mallorca. It is an example of the combination of tradition, hard work and love of local production that is so highly valued on the island. So, if you are lucky enough to visit Mallorca, don’t miss out on a taste of this special potato – you certainly won’t be disappointed.

In summary, the Sa Pobla potato is not only a product of exceptional quality, but also a symbolic element of the island and its inhabitants. It represents the essence of Mallorcan agriculture and cuisine and is an absolute must for every visitor.

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“The ultimate guide to tipping in Mallorca – tips, tricks and dos and don’ts for a successful vacation on the island of the sun”




The guide to tipping in Mallorca: rules of conduct and customs

Mallorca is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe, known for its beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage and impressive cuisine. But when it comes to the rules for tipping, many travelers are often unsure. In this article, we will therefore look at the common practices and rules of conduct around tipping in Mallorca so that you are better prepared on your next visit to the island.

Tipping culture in Mallorca

In Mallorca it is customary to tip, especially in restaurants, bars and cabs. In general, the amount you give depends on both the quality of the service and your satisfaction.

Restaurants and bars

In restaurants, it is common practice to tip up to 10% of the total amount, provided the service was good and you were satisfied with your meal. If you order a drink at the bar, you can tip between 10 cents and one euro, depending on your satisfaction.

Cab driver

For cab rides, it is customary to round up the amount to the next full euro, or to give about 5-10% of the total amount. In general, you are not expected to tip if the driver was unfriendly or you had a problem with the service.

Hotel and other services

It is also customary to give a tip in hotels. Here you can leave the chambermaids about 1-2 euros per day, while you can give the hotel staff at reception or the porter about 1-2 euros per piece of luggage. For other services, such as haircuts or massages, you can also tip 10% of the price.

Final thoughts

Tipping is a sign of appreciation for good service. However, it is important to note that it is not compulsory and you should never feel obliged to give more than you can afford or want to. The most important thing is that you enjoy your stay on the beautiful island of Mallorca, taking advantage of all the services that are available.

In conclusion, we can say that tipping is customary on the island of Mallorca, but it is not a must. It reflects your appreciation of the service and may vary depending on whether you are satisfied with the service provided. It is therefore best to keep this guide in mind and act with understanding and respect for people and their habits.

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