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The 3 best cafes in MALLORCA



Die besten Cafeterias auf Mallorca

You love coffee, nice ambience and traditional or modern variety?
Then we have a few absolutely worth mentioning tips for a nice trip and a good start to the day!

Cafeteria Can Colon

Café número uno(1) is the Café Colon in Llucmajor. It is located right in the center of the pretty old town by the market and serves typical Mallorcan treats, breakfast, lunch and of course coffee. This café convinces with charm and tradition at the same time. It is cozy and exudes Parisian flair. On Fridays there is a weekly market and you can combine it perfectly with a visit to Café Colon. They offer everything from espresso to latte macchiato, and you can get oatmeal (Avena) or soy drink instead of regular milk, as is the case with cappuccino. The coffee is not too strongly roasted and falls rather on mild to.

Cafeteria Calle Cruz

Café número dos(2) is the Calle Cruz in Campos.
Here, in addition to coffee and cake, vegetarian&vegan lunch is offered. The interior is a mix of art, design and modernity. For browsing and shopping, it’s decidedly handsome and, combined with the quiet, rustic, fairy-tale backyard, a little ‘amusement’ in the middle of Campos at the market and definitely worth a trip. Here, too, the coffee is served not only with cow’s milk, but with oat or soy milk. Also as in the above-mentioned café, the café turns out rather mild.

Cafeteria Can Gelat

Número tres(3) promises pure Mallorca. The Can Gelat invites you to the typical Mallorcan cuisine in Santanyi. Besides coffee and cake, you will enjoy your best lunch here. The atmosphere makes you want to drink wine, beer and tapas of various kinds. Everything fresh and incredibly tasty prepared. There is a lot of activity in front of and behind the counter. A special experience for gourmets and lovers of lively life. Here you enjoy the coffee as in both above-mentioned cafes with different types of milk, but it is served rather stronger so more like the Mallorcans drink their coffee.

Calle Cruz

Cheers and Hasta Luego.

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The most romantic restaurants in Mallorca




Romantische Restaurants auf Mallorca

Culinary jewels of Mallorca: from mountain villages to romantic coastal oases

A gastronomic paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

The enchanting island of Mallorca, a jewel in the azure Mediterranean Sea, not only offers a breathtaking backdrop of golden beaches and majestic mountains, but also serves as a picturesque home to a variety of exquisite gastronomic experiences. Here, the search for the “most beautiful restaurant” is like an adventurous journey of discovery through labyrinthine alleys and over the gently rolling hills, which in the sunset seem to be covered with a purple cloak, only to finally end in a hidden gem of cuisine.

Es Racó d’es Teix in Deià: a mix of tradition and modernity

Among the notable gastronomic refuges to experience is “Es Racó d’es Teix” in Deià, an idyllic village nestled in the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana. This Michelin-starred restaurant presents itself as a unique melange of traditional Mallorcan aesthetics and modern comforts. The stone walls and rustic wooden beams set the stage for a grand dining experience. The cuisine is a sensual symphony of local flavors and international influences, composed with a precision reminiscent of the fine-tuning of a classical instrument.

Romantic getaways: Ca’s Xorc, a refuge for the heart and palate

For those who want to please not only the palate but also the heart, a table reservation in one of the “romantic restaurants in Mallorca” is almost mandatory. Ca’s Xorc”, nestled in the picturesque mountains and just a breath away from the breathtaking coastline, offers an oasis of intimacy and luxury. Here, couples can dine under the stars while the gentle splash of an ancient fountain and the soft chirping of crickets create an almost magical atmosphere. The menu is an ode to Mediterranean cuisine, rich in aromatic herbs, fresh seafood and succulent meats so tender they literally melt in your mouth.

Fosh Lab in Palma: A laboratory of culinary innovation

Equally charming, but in a more urban context, is Palma’s “Fosh Lab,” a state-of-the-art eatery that serves as an incubator for innovative culinary concepts. The avant-garde interior, with its clean lines and muted colors, serves as a subtle backdrop for a cuisine that defies the classic and transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Each dish is a work of art, created with an almost scientific precision that nevertheless loses none of its emotional resonance.

A paradise of the senses: Mallorca’s seemingly endless culinary landscape

One could spend countless hours browsing the seemingly endless list of restaurants that Mallorca has to offer. But whether you choose a remote mountain lodge or a chic city palace, the island offers a kaleidoscopic array of options that enrich both the palate and the soul. Here, in search of the most beautiful and romantic, you will find yourself in a true paradise of the senses, immersed in the natural splendor of an island aware of its cultural and culinary riches.

Zaranda: An epic journey through the nuances of Mediterranean cuisine

Continuing this gastronomic odyssey, the discussion of the “most beautiful restaurants in Mallorca” and the “romantic restaurants in Mallorca” could not be complete, of course, without mentioning the coveted “Zaranda”, a crown jewel of the island, perched in the green hills of Es Capdellà. Awarded two Michelin stars, Zaranda manages to put its guests in a state of culinary trance. Each dish is a thoughtful chapter in a narrative saga of flavors, with chef Fernando Pérez Arellano offering guests an epic journey through the nuances of Mediterranean cuisine.

Sa Foradada: A place where nature and cuisine unite

While some of these establishments are hidden in the heights of the mountains, others offer a close proximity to the sea, and here “Sa Foradada” particularly shines. This rustic oasis, accessible only by winding road or boat, makes good on its promise of an unforgettable dinner in the lap of nature. The place enchants with its simple elegance, and the panorama of the sea, which spreads out in front of the guests like a living canvas, adds a touch of infinity to every dish. Whether you opt for a traditional paella or are tempted by the fresh seafood, the culinary experience is inevitably enhanced by the priceless view of the Mediterranean.

La Fortaleza at Cap Rocat Hotel: a refuge of romance and luxury

Of course, it would be a faux pas to discuss the “romantic restaurants in Mallorca” without mentioning the intimate atmosphere of “La Fortaleza” at the Cap Rocat Hotel. Located in a former military fort, this luxurious restaurant combines historic charm with modern sophistication. The cool stone walls and artfully restored vaults offer a romantic ambience that is unique. Every detail, from the candlelight to the handmade tablecloths, is designed to create an atmosphere of intimacy and well-being. The wine list perfectly complements the menu and includes a variety of vintage wines that beautifully enhance the diverse flavors of the cuisine.

The versatility of Mallorca: from rustic beach cafes to opulent gourmet temples

However, the wonderful thing about Mallorca is not only the exceptional quality of the restaurants, but also the incredible variety. From the rustic simplicity of a beach café to the opulent luxury of a gourmet temple, the island has the right culinary experience for every taste and mood. This makes every meal a loving tribute to the rich culture and natural beauty of this unique Mediterranean pearl.

Conclusion: Mallorca as a culinary and sensory paradise

To sum up, Mallorca is much more than a vacation destination; it is a culinary paradise, a sensory canvas where the most complex flavors and textures unfold in the most beautiful and romantic settings. Whether you prefer the dreamy tranquility of the mountains or the vibrant energy of the coast, you can always find a restaurant on this island to enliven the senses and uplift the spirit. And all this is embedded in the incomparable beauty of a landscape that is as diverse as it is breathtaking.

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The weekly market in Santanyi

In Mallorca, every municipality, and usually every village or town, has its own weekly market…




Markt in Santanyi

Market in Santanyi, when and where?

In Mallorca, every municipality, and usually every village or town, has its own weekly market. The weekly market is the day in the village where people, tourists and locals, buy fresh vegetables, fruit, sausage, cheese, meat and fish. But not only that, there is much more to the markets….

Location of the weekly market in Santanyi

The market takes place in the city center, where there are also many shopping stores and bars/cafes. The perfect occasion to take a little stroll around town, look at Santanyi and its architecture, and do some shopping.

When is the weekly market in Santanyi?

The weekly market in Santanyi takes place on Saturdays from 08:00 to 13-14 at noon. Also on Wednesday there is a smaller version of the weekly market in Santanyi, from 08:00-13:00.

Is the weekly market worth it?

Absolutely! Many fresh ingredients, treats to “take in hand” such as roasted almond or sobrasada with Mallorcan bread, and many origenelle souvenirs.

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The Sa Llotja Restaurant in Portocolom




Sa Llotja Restaurant in Portocolom: a culinary jewel of Mallorca

Welcome to one of the most picturesque corners of Mallorca – Portocolom. This charming harbor town, known for its breathtaking views and historic flair, is also home to some of the island’s best culinary experiences. One of these experiences is Sa Llotja Restaurant. Here’s an in-depth look at this unforgettable restaurant.

The ambience

Before we get to the delicious food, it is important to emphasize the magic of the place. Sa Llotja Restaurant offers idyllic views of the harbor, making it the perfect place for romantic dinners or relaxed family gatherings. The decor is both modern and traditional, a tribute to the rich history of Portocolom.

The menu: a fusion of tradition and modernity

One of the main features of Sa Llotja is its eclectic menu. Here you will find traditional Mallorcan dishes reinterpreted with modern techniques and ingredients.

Fresh seafood

As you would expect, fresh fish is the focus of the menu. Portocolom, with its deep connection to the sea, Sa Llotja offers access to some of the freshest seafood. Whether shrimp, squid or dorade, the selection will delight any seafood lover.

Traditional Mallorcan dishes

For those seeking an authentic taste experience, the restaurant offers traditional Mallorcan dishes. These often feature a creative twist that reflects 21st century tastes.

A friendly and warm team

A culinary experience is defined not only by good food, but also by service. The Sa Llotja team is known for being warm, attentive and knowledgeable. They ensure that every visit is a special experience.


The next time you are in Portocolom, a visit to Sa Llotja Restaurant is not to be missed. It’s not just a place to eat, it’s a place to experience the best that Mallorca has to offer – breathtaking views, delicious food and warm hospitality. Reserve your table and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Sa Llotja.

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