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Tips what to do in case of jellyfish sting



Beachgoers on Mallorca are stung again and again by fire jellyfish. If this happens, specialists recommend rinsing the wound with salt water first. The affected area should then be cooled. However, pieces of ice should not be placed directly on the skin, but on a cloth to avoid frostbite. Allergic reactions may also occur, but this need not be the case.

Other methods suggested on the Internet after a sting can be counterproductive. For example, rubbing sand on the wound can make the condition worse. Fresh water or urine should also be avoided as they will only further irritate the wound.

The luminous jellyfish or fire jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca) is one of the most common species of jellyfish off the coast of Mallorca. It glows in the dark and has long tentacles. Touching them with their tentacles is painful and can cause scars. However, the Portuguese galley is far more dangerous, but is rarely washed up on the beaches of Mallorca.

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New construction boom in Mallorca, why?

The stunning island of Mallorca, known for its golden beaches, deep blue seas and rich history, experience…




Neubau Mallorca

New construction boom in real estate in Mallorca: the future of island architecture

The stunning island of Mallorca, known for its golden beaches, deep blue seas and rich history, is currently undergoing an exciting transformation in its real estate landscape. A boom in new construction has begun, and it shows us a fascinating combination of modernity and tradition.

Modernity meets tradition

The architecture of tomorrow

New construction projects in Mallorca reflect a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and traditional elements. The island’s architects have known how to integrate Mallorca’s historical essence into modern buildings that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Environmentally friendly initiatives

One notable feature of the new construction boom is the increased focus on sustainability. Many new buildings are equipped with environmentally friendly technologies, from solar panels to rainwater collection systems that reduce the island’s ecological footprint.

Investing in the future

A safe investment

With the increasing demand for real estate in Mallorca and the continuous growth of the real estate market, an investment in new construction real estate represents a safe and profitable opportunity.

Pure quality of life

Owning a new home in Mallorca means not only investing in a property, but also in a lifestyle. The island offers everything from world-class restaurants to beautiful hiking trails and lively cultural festivals.

Why now is the perfect time

With an increasing number of people discovering the charms of Mallorca and a thriving economy driven by tourism and commerce, now is the ideal time to get in on the island’s new construction boom.

Be part of this exciting chapter in the history of Mallorca. Whether you’re looking for a new home or want to invest in the real estate world of Mallorca, now is the time to act and explore the many opportunities this new construction boom has to offer.

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Minkner & Partner no longer exists…

Renowned real estate agency Minkner & Partner has announced an exciting change…





The renowned real estate agency Minkner & Partner has announced an exciting change: From now on, it will operate under the name “Minkner und Bonitz”. This realignment marks a significant merger of two leading companies in the real estate industry, opening up promising prospects for the future.

The decision to merge Minkner & Partner and Bonitz Immobilien, an equally established and successful company in the real estate market, came about after intensive discussions and strategic considerations. Both companies bring an impressive track record and many years of experience in the brokerage of real estate in Mallorca. By joining forces, they aim to further consolidate their position as leaders in the industry and expand their customer base.

With the merger, Minkner and Bonitz go hand in hand to combine their respective strengths and offer an even broader range of services. Customers can now rely on even more comprehensive advice and support on all aspects of buying or selling real estate on the popular Balearic island. Combining the resources and expertise of the two companies promises to improve service to customers and develop innovative solutions.

A key aspect of the merger is the shared vision, which focuses on quality, integrity and customer orientation. Minkner and Bonitz share the same ethical values and business principles that have made them trusted names in the real estate market. Customers can continue to rely on the highest level of professionalism and transparency in the management of their real estate concerns.

The new opportunities resulting from this merger show that both Minkner & Partner and Bonitz Immobilien strive to adapt to the current developments and challenges of the real estate industry. The merger will enable them to strengthen their market presence and expand their services to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Overall, the merger of Minkner & Partner and Bonitz Immobilien promises an exciting and promising future for both companies and their clients. Joining forces, they will continue to provide excellent service and unsurpassed expertise in the Spanish real estate market, consolidating their position as trusted partners for real estate matters in Mallorca.

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The channel from the young brokerage office in the southeast grows

Mallorca, known for its breathtaking beaches and picturesque landscapes, also has a lot to offer in the real estate…





Mallorca, known for its stunning beaches and picturesque landscapes, also has much to offer in the real estate industry. An up-and-coming YouTube channel that specializes in showcasing real estate on the island is “Lucas Froese Real Estate.” With captivating videos and professional expertise, the channel continues to gain popularity, offering viewers from around the world exciting insights into the coveted real estate in Mallorca.

Lucas Froese, an experienced real estate agent with a passion for visualization and digital media, has created a unique platform with his YouTube channel to showcase the beauty and diversity of the Mallorcan real estate landscape. His videos inspire not only with high-quality footage, but also with informative content that gives potential buyers and investors a realistic impression of the properties on offer. From luxurious villas with sea views to charming inland fincas, Lucas Froese Real Estate shows the range of properties available in Mallorca.

Lucas Froese Real Estate’s success is based not only on the visual aesthetics of its videos, but also on its dedicated approach to customer engagement. By answering questions and comments from his viewers and providing valuable tips and advice for buying real estate in Mallorca, Lucas Froese is building a strong community that makes the YouTube channel a trusted source of information. This interaction fosters the trust of potential customers and strengthens its position as an expert on the island’s real estate market.

With the growth of the channel, Lucas Froese Real Estate is becoming increasingly important for the real estate market in Mallorca. The YouTube channel is not only a showcase for exclusive real estate, but also a source of inspiration for people who dream of living on the enchanting island. As a forward-looking platform, Lucas Froese Real Estate offers an innovative approach to marketing real estate in Mallorca and highlights the important role of digital media in the modern real estate industry.

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